A Look At Semalt's DSD, The Next Big Thing In SEO Dashboards

What if there was a service that could help you create your own SEO performance dashboards without depending on third-party tools? How good would it be to have a platform where your clients can check the performance of their campaigns regularly? No more Google Data Studio or third-party tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush that have paywalls at every corner.

What if there was an easy-to-use service that generates such SEO dashboards in a matter of minutes?

Semalt has the answer: Dedicated SEO Dashboard aka DSD, a service that aims to revolutionize the way marketers showcase and visualize organic search performance. A tool to help you host SEO performance dashboards on your website with quick and easy steps and minimal charges. It's the latest offering by Semalt. 

Let's take a detailed look at the Dedicated SEO Dashboard and how it can help you impress clients and increase sales.

What is Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard?

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard (DSD) is a proprietary analytics-based SEO performance tracker created by Semalt, one of the leading marketing solutions company in the world. It allows agencies and freelancers to create white-label dashboards to visualize the performance of SEO campaigns of their clients.

DSD is an all-in-one solution for performance content marketing where it pulls data from Semalt's native analytics and technical tools and showcases it in a simple way. It crunches the number and creates charts and insights that can help your clients measure the performance of their campaigns and make necessary changes.

For example, when you generate an SEO report for a client, you typically extract data from a variety of tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and RankWatch and put them together in a presentation. You may also use visualization tools like Google Data Studio or Microsoft Power BI or Tableau. Now, this can take a lot of effort, resources, and money to generate. Right?

Now think of a system that lets you do this all in a single platform. That is DSD, the next big and best thing in the world of performance marketing. It's built for agencies and freelancers alike so that they can impress their clients and bring in more business from them. 

What Are Its Components?

The DSD is chiefly made up of three components as discussed below. Creating it hardly take a few minutes, and you can record it in your own domain. For example, check out the DSD created for The Online Factory here. A basic layout with essential tools and evaluation dialog right on the homepage. How easy and convenient!


Following are the main three components of the DSD:
  1. Google SERP Analysis - Everything about search engine results pages (SERPs), traffic, top-performing keywords and content, top 100 positions for a certain keyword, and many more insights.
  2. Technical SEO Audit - You don't have to depend on third-party tools for auditing. The DSD conducts a comprehensive website analysis and shows areas of improvement. Check webpage load speeds, site crawl report, content originality, hosting issues, crawling issues, and many more.
  3. SEO Performance Reports - The new way to showcase the impact of all your SEO activities. Show your clients where they are in the organic search landscape, attached with your branding.
Some of the notable tools available within these three components are:
  • Webpage analyzer
  • Page speed analyzer
  • Plagiarism checker
  • PDF and CSV report generator
  • Language selector
There are many more tools that you can use to measure performance at each step of your client's SEO journey. Just onboarded a new client? Why not start with a website technical audit and look for areas of improvement? Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard will give you a bird's eye view of things that are right and wrong with the website, along with ways to improve its overall strength.

Or take the case of the plagiarism checker, which is one of the most sought-after tools these days. You want every piece of content that goes into your client's site to be 100% unique and genuine. The DSD can help you confirm that it is so that you don't get pulled up for copyright or receive DMCA takedown requests. DSD protects you that way.

The key thing to note here is that all these components are generated for free when you opt for Semalt's DSD. Just sign up for one of our three plans (FREE, LITE, and PRO) and start reaping the benefits of DSD.

A Short Note on Different Plans for DSD

DSD is available in three plans:
  1. FREE - General statistics, daily metrics activity, and up to 10 client requests
  2. LITE - Lead generation and custom JS code capability
  3. PRO - Options from both FREE and LITE programs + access to the LeadGen database

How Does DSD Work?

Behind all this convenience, there is a lot of work that happens. Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard uses several proprietary tools and design systems to create individual dashboards. Here is the process that is followed whenever a new dashboard is created:
  1. A subdomain is created to host the dashboard (e.g.: https://seo.marcelino.si/
  2. It is customized according to your needs and branding
  3. Еhe DSD Admin Panel is activated, which you can use to create customized reports for different clients. This is where you add data points and track performance
  4. Lead generation, custom tracking, and goal chasing occurs here
  5. You share the dashboard with the client and discuss performance improvements


This process needs to be followed only once, after which you have complete control over the dashboard. The DSD Admin Panel is the critical component, which you will use to add client data and set metrics to track.

Top Features of DSD

Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard has several features that leave its competitors far behind. Here is a list of some of its top features
  • Easy to set up; in less than 15 minutes
  • No hidden charges
  • Great way double revenues by a smart showcase of SEO campaign performance
  • No need of coding or advanced technical know-how
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Effortless, automatic report generation


Benefits of Using DSD for Your Business

Using the DSD for your marketing business can be paramount to your success. Because it not only acts as a report generation tool but also helps you showcase how your actions have an impact on the client's SEO campaign. We are talking about specific data points and metrics such as top-performing content and session duration during the campaign's run period.

Here is a quick list of the benefits of using Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard:
  • Impress your existing and increase sales/revenue
  • Attract potential clients by showcasing the state-of-the-art dashboards of your past clients
  • One-stop-solution for tracking all metrics
  • You can focus on strategy and execution and leave the performance measurement to DSD
  • Let clients send service requests to you directly from the DSD
  • Complements the Semalt Reseller Program

What Semalt's DSD is Not

Considering that we also sell our flagship products, AutoSEO and
FullSEO, there is a chance of confusion. Just to be clear, the DSD is a standalone system that is not a part of our other products. It's an advanced analytics-based visualization and report generation platform that you can use to showcase your performance to your clients.

You may use DSD as a complement to your other tools, but as a singular entity, it just acts as a dashboard. Most importantly, it is a free service provided by Semalt. 

It's about time that you stop depending on third-party tools and explore newer avenues that are smarter, more customizable, more affordable, and user-intuitive. Check out the Dedicated SEO Dashboard by Semalt today. Request a free trial now.